Revival Update: January

Wow! What an absolute whirlwind it has been the last two months. We left Sacramento, CA on December 27th for our first revival with Pastor Jerry Rowley of Jesus Name Home Church in Laurel, Mississippi. The trip was just over 2,000 miles, and with Jackson seated in his car seat for most of it (there were a few times where we had to let him out to stretch – which is when he turned the back seat into a make-shift jungle gym!) – we did the trip in three days, driving late into the evening. When we finally arrived, we are greeted by such a caring and compassionate congregation! Pastor and Sis. Rowley are truly some of God’s greatest, and we were privileged to have been afforded the opportunity to be a small part of their growing, thriving and pulsating community of faith! When we arrived in Laurel, we did not have a trailer, but had been earnestly searching for the right one! Finally, after a few weeks of combing the internet, and checking local classified listings,  we found the perfect set-up in Hammond, LA at Dixie RV – unbeknownst to us, Jesus Name Home Church had taken up an offering to help make a large deposit on our home! We are eternally grateful to their benevolence and will never be able to repay what they invested into our ministry! We (mostly Rachel) spent the next couple of weeks purchasing necessities and decorating the trailer to be lived in. While all of this was going on, we continued to have amazing services! Many were filled with the Holy Ghost, and many were baptized in Jesus name for the remission of their sins! What a good God! We are thrilled about the future of Jesus Name Home Church – they have just recently purchased acreage right off the main interstate where they will begin construction on their new facility later this year, and continue to impact their community with the Apostolic message! The greatest days of God’s church are right now – don’t back up, don’t give in, don’t let down…but let’s walk in the authority of Sonship through Jesus Christ and believe God for the greatest year to date!

P.S. – while in Mississippi, we were also privileged to be invited to preach for Pastor Clint Born in Sumrall, MS (during one of our off-nights of revival) and what a time we had! There is an Apostolic powerhouse in Sumrall, MS – dynamic church, dynamic leadership, dynamic spirit! Please help me pray that God would pour out of His Spirit in Sumrall, MS like has never been seen before!

(Currently in revival with Pastor Caleb Adams of Christian Life Tabernacle in Memphis, TN)


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  1. Landon Gore on March 13, 2015 at 1:55 am

    This is absolutely stellar. You and your family are a true inspiration! Blessings!

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